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track name: Pretty Visitors
artist: Arctic Monkeys
album: Humbug
play count: 16695

Crawling with the base of the scales, 
And fucking fiddles with the feet on a balancing act, 
You were gagged, bound and crafting a tale, 
Trailing wrapped in a gasp. 

track name: Boys Don't Cry
artist: The Cure
play count: 11171


The Cure - Boys Don’t Cry



if she’s even able to walk after sex you didnt do it right

yeah you’re supposed to cut her legs off 





top 10 bright sunshine holiday looks for the poor #1: the half price heavy fur coat

i like your coat and hair is cool.

thanks ben i agree hair is cool

it’s okay i’m fit and ur fit its cool

we are so fit. unless you mean exercise


writing deep things on your cigarettes like “die young” or “why did they change aunt vivian halfway through fresh prince of bel air like did they think no one would notice”


this is the police. open up. tell me something about yourself, don’t be afraid


Here are some dogs enjoying Popsicles. 





no cough syrup

you are not ‘grape flavoured’

have you ever tasted a grape

you taste like death and the tears of small children

not fucking grape

wow what a surprise another cis-gendered white upper-middle class american male telling someone what they can and cannot identify as. why don’t you go fuck yourself

#i can no longer tell what is and isn’t a joke on tumblr any more



i can’t stand it when people complain about how expensive printer ink is, like it’s “”capitalism’s fault”“. do you have any idea how hard it is to milk those squids


being really into history is cooler than being into math or science… someone who likes math and science is called a “math nerd” or a “science geek” but someone who likes history is called a “history buff” because of their strong, sensual arms

Natalie Dormer | 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards